Whether it comes unexpectedly, or after a long illness, the death of our beloved pet leaves us feeling sad and confused. We understand what you are experiencing and are here to offer you assistance in your time of loss.

Trails End Pet Crematory was established in 1987, and is family owned and operated. As pet owners we understand that pets are more than just animals. They are special members of your family. Even after they are gone they deserve to be treated with the same unconditional love they showed us.

Because we form special bonds with our companions, it is only natural that many of us wish to follow the human model of burial or cremation to respect and remember our pet's devotion. Today many pet owners opt for cremation since it both provides a way to keep your pet near you and allows you to bury or scatter their ashes in your pet's favorite place in the yard.

With the mobile society that we live in many families choose pet cremation in order to keep their pet with them when they move.

Respected, Trusted, Compassionate Care for your special pet.